The Science of 5-Minute Ice Baths on Sports Recovery

An athlete experiences the science of 5-minute ice baths for sports recovery, reduce muscle inflammation and enhance performance.

Enhancing performance, shortening recovery, and optimising your physicality for the most minute mechanical differences in body movement are often key objectives in competitive sports at the elite level. Cold-water immersion (CWI) is an interesting topic of investigation in the recovery process, and this study explores the science of ice baths and the efficacy of a 5-minute cold-water immersion of repeated cycling performance in hot conditions. Sports enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, and other interested individuals alike will find this study of interest as it sheds light on the benefits of ice baths for athletes, particularly in terms of recovery and subsequent performance.


The Study: An Overview

This research study focused on the effects of a brief cold-water immersion on the performance of male cyclists. The participants, 10 male cyclists, underwent two separate cycling sessions. Each session consisted of a 25-minute constant-paced cycling effort followed by a 4-kilometre time trial. These increments were performed under hot conditions, specifically at 35°C with 40% relative humidity, to simulate challenging environmental conditions.

The innovative aspect of this study was the recovery intervention. Between the two cycling bouts, the cyclists either sat passively in the heat for 15 minutes (control condition) or the same condition with a 5-minute cold-water immersion (at 14°C) during the 5th to 10th minute of the recovery period. This counterbalanced crossover design allowed for a direct comparison of the two recovery methods on subsequent performance.


Methodology and Measurements

Several key parameters were measured to assess the effects of cold-water immersion:

  • Rectal Temperature: Monitored immediately before and after both the constant-paced sessions and the 4-kilometre time trials to gauge internal body temperature changes.
  • Cycling Economy and VO2 (oxygen consumption): Evaluated during the constant-paced sessions to determine any metabolic efficiency changes.
  • Power Output and Completion Times: Recorded during each time trial to measure performance improvements.


Results: The Cooling Effect

The study revealed significant findings regarding rectal temperature and performance:

  • Temperature Reduction: Cold-water immersion resulted in a notable decrease in rectal temperature (by 0.5°C) before the second cycling bout and maintained this lower temperature throughout the second 4-kilometre time trial.
  • Performance Enhancement: In the second trial that the subjects completed, power output increased by 15.3% while they were in the cold-water immersion condition (327.9 W) compared with the control condition (288.0 W). Consequently, this increased power output translated to a faster completion time (6.1 minutes in the CWI condition versus 6.4 minutes in the control condition).
  • Metabolic Measures: Interestingly, the cold-water immersion recovery intervention did not significantly impact the cycling economy (a measure of how well the body is able to utilise energy for cycling) and VO2.


Interpretation and Implications

The results indicate that some thermal tinkering, in the form of a 5-minute cold-water immersion, reduced the cyclists’ core temperature and improved their subsequent high-intensity performance in the heat. A reduced rectal temperature facilitated a better ability to maintain power outputs and faster completion times for the second cycling bout. This was likely due to the reduction in ambient thermal strain experienced during the second cycling bout – put in simple terms, the body doesn’t need to work as hard to perform actions, without the workload of needing to keep the body cooler against pressures of overheating.

This research highlights the science of ice baths with cold-water immersion provides athletes with a simple, quick and practical recovery strategy with likely physiological benefits, especially for those participating in hot environments. Reducing body temperature and thermal stress can result in drive creation, providing athletes with a potential spurt of energy at the end of a prolonged period of discomfort.


Practical Application for Athletes

Athletes and coaches can test it out for themselves: a 5-minute ice bath is a great addition to the recovery routine. To perform at their best, high-level athletes – whether they are pro cyclists or weekend warriors – need to keep their core temperature in check. Ice-water immersion is an easy way to get better recovery and allow for lasting high performance.

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