Xtreme comes with a state of the art filtration and ozone sanitisation system.


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Depending on your location, the lead time is 1 – 2 weeks from our Melbourne warehouse. All items are currently in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

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We offer Free delivery to major metro destinations including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth. Part charges will apply to some regional destinations. Please advise your postcode for a quote on any applicable part delivery charges.

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Four reasons that make Xtreme Plunge the first choice for ice baths.

  • 01. 2 year residential warranty With any product that as electrics involved, there is the potention for breakdowns to occur, therefore it is extremely important to have an adequate warranty for peace of mind.
  • 02. Portable Forget the plumbing, our no nonsese truly portable design will get you on the go in 15 mins, no tools required except the included air pump.
  • 03. Superior Tub Design Our well-build sturdy tubs feature an advanced anto-defrost system with high grade drop-stitch technology.
  • 04. Advanced Chiller The smart app gives you precise control of water temperature (min 3C to Max 42C), and the built in ozone sterilization and filtration systems will ensure your Xtreme Plunge is always clean and ready to go.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You will discover that our Xtreme Plunge offers a high quality product. We invite you to join us in unlocking your maximum human potential with the help of Xtreme Plunge!

Cold Water Immersion can be of great help when it comes to weight loss. When practiced on a regular basis, Cold Water Immersion is able to increase the metabolic rate by as much as 16%. As a result of immersing the body into cold water, the body has to work hard to maintain its normal internal temperature. During this process, the metabolic rate increases in order to produce heat for the body. When practiced consistently, this can result in a loss of weight.

The faster and more efficient your metabolism is, the more energy you’ll likely have, and the easier you’ll find it to lose weight. Cold plunging can aid weight loss by increasing the burning of white fat (a.k.a. “bad fat”).

Ice baths have long been used for decreasing inflammation and muscle soreness. Depending on the type of workout, immediately after could be a good time. Some like to wait a number of hours before going in. Before a workout might also be good for some. First thing in the morning is a popular time for many to promote resilience and alertness during the day ahead. You will definitely find your own sweet spot with a little experimentation.
It is very individual and depends on a number of factors. For example your cold exposure tolerance, and your specific goals. In general, we recommend new users to start at 15 degrees Celsius for 2-3min. From there, you may work your way down gradually in temperature.
Pregnant women or those who think they may be pregnant, those who have cardiovascular disease or epilepsy should not partake in cold water immersion. Given how stressful cold water therapy can be for the heart and blood vessels, people with heart, blood pressure, and circulatory issues shouldn’t attempt cold water therapy without talking to their doctor first. If you have any other preexisting medical conditions, please consult with your doctor before taking the plunge.
Research and studies suggest benefits with the temperature as high as 20°C. There is no shame in starting here and allowing your own body to adapt to cold exposure and gradually reducing the temperature according to your own preference and tolerance. A goal of 15°C or less is ideal. You can be confident that your efforts to embrace cold plunge at the temperatures you can adapt to will deliver to you incredible cold plunge benefits.

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