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Cold Water Immersion can be of great help when it comes to weight loss. When practiced on a regular basis, Cold Water Immersion is able to increase the metabolic rate by as much as 16%. As a result of immersing the body into cold water, the body has to work hard to maintain its normal internal temperature. During this process, the metabolic rate increases in order to produce heat for the body. When practiced consistently, this can result in a loss of weight.

The faster and more efficient your metabolism is, the more energy you’ll likely have, and the easier you’ll find it to lose weight. Cold plunging can aid weight loss by increasing the burning of white fat (a.k.a. “bad fat”).

Ice baths have long been used for decreasing inflammation and muscle soreness. Depending on the type of workout, immediately after could be a good time. Some like to wait a number of hours before going in. Before a workout might also be good for some. First thing in the morning is a popular time for many to promote resilience and alertness during the day ahead. You will definitely find your own sweet spot with a little experimentation.
It is very individual and depends on a number of factors. For example your cold exposure tolerance, and your specific goals. In general, we recommend new users to start at 15 degrees Celsius for 2-3min. From there, you may work your way down gradually in temperature.
Pregnant women or those who think they may be pregnant, those who have cardiovascular disease or epilepsy should not partake in cold water immersion. Given how stressful cold water therapy can be for the heart and blood vessels, people with heart, blood pressure, and circulatory issues shouldn’t attempt cold water therapy without talking to their doctor first. If you have any other preexisting medical conditions, please consult with your doctor before taking the plunge.
Research and studies suggest benefits with the temperature as high as 20°C. There is no shame in starting here and allowing your own body to adapt to cold exposure and gradually reducing the temperature according to your own preference and tolerance. A goal of 15°C or less is ideal. You can be confident that your efforts to embrace cold plunge at the temperatures you can adapt to will deliver to you incredible cold plunge benefits.
The time to reach your desired temperature is dependant on the distance between its current temperature and the temperature you wish to reach. A few degrees difference will be very quick, however for an extreme change in temperature you will need to allow a number of hours. Another factor to consider with timing is also the outside ambient temperature.
Yes, if you are ok with adding your own ice and regulating your temperature by adding cold or hot water.
Yes. We take pride in ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with support provided via email or phone. Click here to see our support dashboard. What is the weight of the Xtreme tub?
We offer a 2 year warranty subject to normal use and not directly exposed to weather elements.This warranty does not cover wear-and-tear or abuse of the product. If you have an issue, please first visit our support dashboard here.

Full immersion is defined as being submersed up to your neck with your arms and legs fully under the water. The interior dimensions of the one person tub are 113cm Long, 65cm Wide, 61cm Tall. This is will fit full immersion for 6’3” – 6’4”. The interior dimensions for the 2 person tub are 143cm Long, 77cm Wide, 65cm Tall. This will fit full immersion for 7.0’ or 2 people comfortably. The Xtreme Chiller dimensions are 47cm Long, 35cm Wide, 53cm Tall.

The Xtreme Chiller will operate on your standard 220/240V power supply/socket that you have in your home. Best not to share the circuit with other large appliances like your fridge or freezer.
As cold as 3 degrees Celsius or as warm as 42 degrees Celsius.
The Xtreme Tub is made from the same material as inflatable stand up paddle boards and inflatable boats. It will support your full body weight on the edges with unwavering sturdiness. It is difficult for most people to figure that it is inflatable when using it because it is so solid!
Packed in the back pack the standard Tub weighs only 10kg. The Xtreme Chiller weighs 35kg. It has wheels which makes for easy shifting. The tub standard 1 person Xtreme tub will hold approx 300 litres of water which weighs in at around 312 kg. The 2 person Xtreme tub will hold approx 490 litres and weighs in at around 500 kg.
We recommend not to operate your Xtreme chiller unit in ambient temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius nor below 2 degrees Celsius.Our warranty will not cover damage if your chiller is used in ambient temperatures outside of this range.
Yes! After you have set up on a 2.4 ghz WiFi network, your Chiller’s settings can be operated remotely via the Tuya Smart application on your smartphone. This includes temperature change, on/off function, preprogrammed times, while at work you can decide to adjust the temperature from cold in the morning to hot in the evening.
We recommend you source your own non chlorine based EPA approved sanitiser from your local pool store and use standard test strips to check vital levels such as Sanitiser, Alkalinity and PH. This will give you peace of mind that your water is clean and safe.

No. The water should spend most of its time in the desired range. If so the Chiller does not need to run and the unit is very quiet. While cooling or heating the water, the fan on the Xtreme Chiller unit runs at 10.7 decibels and at a 10 meter range 8.68 decibels. This is much quieter than most home appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher or dryer.

It is plenty powerful enough at just under 1HP. It will heat and cool in nearly every environment. It is unnecessary to go beyond what we have specified. Part of our decision was a combination of performance verse noise levels. We have achieved high performance with less noise in the Xtreme chiller unit.

This is very dependant on quite a number of variables. For example the ambient temperature, the set point of the water temperature, if it is placed in direct sunlight, and how often it is changed from cold to hot or vice versa, and local electricity rates. To save significant energy we recommend preprogramming the unit to minimise the amount of time it is at the coldest (or hottest) temperature. In general, costs should be low.

Possibly, please email us at with your requirements.
For 3 or more units please email us at and we will be most happy to respond with a quote.
We are still here to help. Please send us an email outlining the problem and we will work with you on getting you up and running ASAP.
10 PSI. Filling past 10 PSI will void the warranty and may cause irreparable damage to the Tub. Using the included dual-action manual air pump it takes roughly 2-3 minutes to inflate the 1 person Xtreme Tub and 3-5 minutes to inflate the 2 person Xtreme Tub.
Yes it can be, however this will alter the maintenance requirements for cleaning and changing filters, checking and sanitising the water.
We do not ship internationally. Within Australia only however we can take orders for NZ customers. If you are in NZ please contact us at to place your order.
Xtreme is a high quality product at an affordable price. We offer a full 2 year warranty as opposed to many offering only a 1 year warranties for similar products. We provide customer support when needed. DIY options can be ok for beginners but come with high maintenance and are not practical as a long term daily cold plunge solution.
This will depend on your location in Australia. If we have your order in stock, in most cases you will receive within 7 days. In the event we are waiting for new stock to arrive we can inform you of the ETA. Mostly we will endeavour to be holding stock.
We offer a 14 day change of mind return window provided the product is still in its original packaging new and unused. After receiving the product back and checking it, we will provide a refund less the return shipping costs.
Water maintenance is simple. The Xtreme chiller will Oxidise the water for you. You can use standard testing strips to check levels such as sanitiser, PH and Alkalinity. Add the necessary products to increase or decrease the levels. You can find these products including test strips at any pool or spa pool retailer. The Xtreme Tub has an external strainer to catch any hair, lint, or debris from entering the unit, and a filter for extra purification. The high-flow water pump also circulates 100% of the water frequently.
This depends on three factors: how many people are using the tub, how often, and how well you are keeping up with your water maintenance. For most users plunging 1-2x/day in a residential setting who keep up with their sanitation, the water can last for months and months on end. We recommend draining, cleaning the tub, and refilling it roughly every 3 months, or as needed.
It is very simple and no tools are required. On average you will need to allow only 15-20 minutes for set up and or take down. You can watch our set up and take down videos to get a good idea.
If you are outdoors, simply remove the hoses from the tub and the water will drain out. If you are indoors we recommend a submersible pump with a hose connected to have the water drained to your desired outdoor location. You can watch our take down video here.

No, epsom salts and other additives are not recommended as they are corrosive and would damage the heat exchanger in the Chiller.

Our Xtreme Tubs are made from a military grade drop-stitch fabric which is designed to have very minimal air leakage. A top up once every few months depending on local conditions is sufficient for the Xtreme tubs. You can do this with water in the tub.
Yes! It is a popular location for many. Balconies are normally load-rated. It is recommended to check your balcony load rating for safety and peace of mind.
Most definitely! It is no problem to set it up in a permanent location. When inflated, the tub has so much solidarity and strength that most are amazed that it is actually inflated. You will double up on the benefits if ever you decide to move the tub to a different location, shift home or decide one day to take it on vacation with you. Xtreme is for you!
Be sure that the Chiller always remain in its normal upright position (handles up). If it travels in any other position it should be left upright for 12 hours before use. We recommend all components are dry/drained before putting away for transportation. If shipping, ensure that proper packaging is surrounding the Chiller to absorb shocks or impacts.