Drain & Takedown Your Tub

  • 01. Turn the chiller off Turn the chiller off by toggling the power switch on the back of the chiller to the down or off position.
  • 02. Drain the Tub There are 2 simple methods to drain the tub.

    Option (a) disconnect the red water in hose on the back of the chiller by rotating counter clockwise. Water will flow out of the hose until it reaches the lower water fitting. The remaining water can be removed by turning the tub over.

    Option (b) purchase a submersible pump, drop the pump into the water, when you turn the pump on the water will begin draining from the end of the drainage hose to your desired location.
  • 03. Disconnect all Hoses Once all the water is drained you can disconnect all hoses from the tub and chiller by rotating the hose fittings in the counter clockwise direction and unplug the chiller.
  • 04. Dry the tub The Tub should be dried on the inside and outside including the bottom to prevent mildew from developing. It is also a good time to clean with mild soap and water if the tub has not been cleaned for some time.
  • 05. Deflate the tub Remove the inflation valve cap with a counter clockwise turn. Press the inflation valve pin to allow the air to be released. The air will be released aggressively. Remove the remaining air by attaching the inflation hose to the deflate side of the dual action hand pump. Check to make sure the inflation valve pin is in the depressed or out position. Connect the inflation hose to the inflation valve with a quarter turn in the clockwise direction. Deflate the tub with the hand pump until all air has been removed. Remove the inflation hose with a quarter turn counter clockwise and replace the valve cover with a quarter turn clockwise. The tub valve fittings should be removed by rotating in a counter clockwise direction.
  • 06. Fold the tub The tub can now be folded for storage. First fold down the non valve side of the tub inwards and allow the end sides of the tub to fold toward the centre. The valve side of the tub can now be folded inwards so that the tub is now folded flat as shown here. Fold the right end of the tub at the red water out end toward the centre with the crease being just toward the centre of the red water fitting and repeat on the left side. You should now have a tri folded tub. Place the storage strap underneath the tub, secure the storage strap and tighten.
  • 07. Repeat Repeat the above to deflate your tub cover.
  • 08. Pack the tub Place the tub, covers, hoses and double action pump in the back pack. Best to put tub in first then covers, pump and hoses.
  • 09. Drain the chiller First unscrew and remove the lower filter housing then remove the external water filter from the red inlet valve. Tip the unit slightly to the rear to drain any water from the valves then replace the butterfly cover to the red inlet valve and the cover cap to the green outlet valve. Store the external filter and cover somewhere safe. You are now ready to go.
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