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About Xtreme plunge

Unlock your Maximum
Human Potential

At Xtreme Plunge we are passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness! With a long history of cold exposure in the form of snowy mountains, cold lakes, rivers and oceans we know how vitalising cold exposure can be. The Xtreme Plunge has taken all of these past exposures to a new level.

At Xtreme Ice Baths, we also have a history in maintaining health and wellbeing. With a long history of intense strength and development training – staying fit through such activities as Football, Cycling and Skiing – we are very passionate about being active. With this comes the need to find effective forms of recovery allowing the body to perform at a high level day after day. We are excited to share the experience and overwhelming benefits to all who choose to take the Plunge!

You will discover that our Xtreme Plunge offers a high quality product. We invite you to join us in unlocking your maximum human potential with the help of Xtreme Plunge!