The 3 Best Practices When Using an At Home Ice Bath

Xtreme Plunge offers portable at home ice baths made with a combination of PVC and stainless steel.

The notion behind ice baths stems from plunging one’s body into a tub of cold, often freezing water for the health benefits it provides. Most commonly used for physical recovery purposes, the psychological benefits of ice baths are not to be underestimated.

If you’re new to the phenomenon that is portable, at-home ice baths, and are looking to invest in one yourself, below are three key questions you should ask yourself on your search for a high-quality at-home ice bath.

Is your bath made of high-quality material?

Perhaps the most structurally critical feature when shopping for a portable ice bath is ensuring it is made of industry standard materials. Examples of such materials include PVC, stainless steel and air-tight wood.

A key benefit of portable ice baths is the added option for mobility and accessibility in different locations. Verifying the bath’s materials are high-quality, durable and of industry standard safeguards you from leakage and spills, ensuring you can feel secure in your portable ice bath. 

How clean is your water?

Whilst reusing old water for ice bath purposes may seem tempting, there are hygiene concerns that can arise from doing so. Rather, to simultaneously maintain sanitary standards and cause less water wastage, opt for a water filter or generator in your ice bath. Available at a range of low to high price points, both filters and generators effortlessly maintain hygiene in ice baths.

On the higher end are ice baths pre-installed with Ozone generators, that eradicate bacteria through oxidation, and in the process prevent additional bacteria from emerging in  the water.

Conversely, for at home ice baths lacking generators, a water filter is a suitable alternative. When searching for a water filter, it is a good idea to look at both UV light and particle filters. The latter ensures dirt and other physical particles don’t make their way into your bath, whilst a UV light filter aims to sanitise the quality of the water itself. UV filters often do not account for physical debris such as dust.

To make your search easier, Xtreme Ice Baths comes with both a filter and generator option.

What is the ideal temperature you should aim for maximum benefits?

The recommended temperature for ice baths ranges between 4 to 16 degrees Celsius.

It may be a good idea to start in the higher end of this range to first get adjusted to such low temperatures. Water chillers are an efficient means to do so and can automatically adjust the water to your desired temperature. Additionally, chillers add an extra degree of efficiency to at home portable ice baths, through ensuring no time is wasted on obtaining, adding, or removing ice.

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