Permanent Or Portable Ice Bath: What’s Best For At Home Use

Man taking a dip in an at-home ice bath

A few years back, ice bathing was only the secret of a few elite athletes around the world – but has surged in popularity all across Australia in recent times. For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Australian Olympic team ran ice baths 24/7 in their recovery lodge. AFL players have also been reported to soak up the freezing winter waters of the ocean in Melbourne after a game. 

Now, it has also trickled down to the masses, becoming a mainstream wellness trend as more and more people lean into its health benefits. On Australian beaches, there are more and more group ice baths sprouting up. Mark Hughes of One Life Live It even set the Guinness World Record for the largest group to get in an ice bath at the same time. Both new and veteran ice bathers joined the challenge at Leighton Beach, Western Australia, and totaled 575 people. Many recovery and wellness centres are now also offering ice baths as part of their services. 

As more people get to discover and experience the benefits of ice baths, many are also looking into having their own at-home ice baths. However, choosing between a permanent or portable ice bath for your home requires careful consideration of various factors. In this guide, Xtreme Ice Baths will list the pros and cons of both options to help you decide which suits your needs best.


Permanent ice baths

Instead of paying fees at gyms or recovery facilities, many people are opting to create their own recovery spaces at home. This often includes people looking to install permanent ice baths for their home cold exposure therapy needs. These are seamlessly incorporated into your home and provide a dedicated space for your ice baths. 

Pros of permanent ice baths for home use include:

  • Larger capacity and size than portable ice baths: Permanent ice baths provide larger dimensions than portable options. This allows more space for you to fully extend your legs and sit in a comfortable position. 
  • Durability and longevity: Given that permanent ice baths are not intended to be moved, they’re made of strong materials like stainless steel, wood, or porcelain which are designed to withstand repeated exposure to cold temperatures and constant use. These materials also require careful handling in construction so the unit remains in the best condition even years after it is built.
  • Regulated Temperature Control: Permanent ice baths often come with fully integrated chiller units and advanced temperature management systems. This allows you to have complete control of the water temperature.

Cons of permanent ice baths for home use include:

  • Spatial requirement: Because of their larger size, these kinds of ice baths also need a larger dedicated space in your property. 
  • Intricate setup and maintenance: From the materials used to construct them to the integration into your home, setting up fixed ice baths can be intricate. This also goes the same for maintenance to ensure the entire system works at its best for years to come.

Portable or inflatable ice baths

Offering both convenience and effectiveness, portable ice baths have gained popularity with athletes and ice bath practitioners who want to maintain their recovery and wellness regimes even as they’re travelling. However, the advantages of these extend way beyond portability making them a great option for at-home ice bath use as well. 


Pros of a portable ice bath for at-home use:

  • Portability and convenience: The lightweight nature of these ice baths allows you to set them up at any part of your home. Their inflatable nature also allows you to assemble and disassemble them quickly. For an easy-to-set-up and convenient ice bath solution, check out our XTREME Portable Ice Bath.
  • Easy maintenance and storage: Inflatable ice bath designs are simple and easy to clean. Once you’ve cleaned them thoroughly, you can fold them up and store them away. This effectively eliminates the need for complex maintenance routines and huge dedicated spaces. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: A portable ice bath has a lower upfront cost. This allows many homeowners to experience the benefits of cold exposure therapy without a large investment. 
  • Temperature adaptability: Many inflatable ice baths can be attached to chiller units removing the need for ice bags. This also provides you with easier control of temperatures allowing you to set it based on your comfort levels or therapeutic goals. Our XTREME Plunge has easy temperature controls and even a heating system allowing you to enjoy both hot and cold baths wherever you want. 

Cons of portable ice baths for at-home use:

  • Limited customisation options: While there are various options for inflatable ice baths, they offer limited customisation options, unlike fixed ice baths which are made to order.
  • Limited capacity: Most inflatable ice baths only offer space for one person, 

Invest in the right ice bath for your home

When choosing between portable or permanent ice bath options for your home, it’s important to consider lifestyle, personal preferences, budget, and specific recovery needs. You have to understand the nuances of both options and align them with your needs. 

If you are considering investing in high-quality at-home ice baths, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Xtreme Ice Baths today!


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