Ice Bath For Physical Activity Recovery – Comparing The Benefits Of Ice Baths To Saunas

Girl tired after physical activity needs to recover by using an ice bath.

Does your body feel too painful and fatigued from physical activity? Do you need methods to help you relax and recover? Whether you want to plunge into the ice cold waters of ice baths or hot steaming saunas, there are a variety of factors to consider. As ice baths rise as a popular trend amongst social media, many others are intrigued by the appeal due to celebrity influence. You may think, what are ice baths, and what do they actually do? In this blog, Xtreme Ice Baths plunges right into the benefits of ice baths for recovery, in comparison to saunas after physical activity. 

Understanding Ice Baths And Saunas 

Ice bath therapy (cryotherapy)  involves the process of immersing yourself into ice water baths as a recovery tool. This cold-water immersion technique is renowned to be utilised by athletes and fitness enthusiasts as a way to elevate muscle recovery processes and reduce the workout pain. Meanwhile, saunas use hot temperatures to relieve pain while supporting relaxation. Both are healthy ways to fasten the recovery duration as well as reduce muscle soreness. 


Benefits For Ice Baths After Physical Activity Include 

  • Endurance improvement
  • Speeds up recovery process
  • Stress relief
  • Fast pain relief and decreases pain sensation
  • Convenient and accessible


Benefits For Saunas After Physical Activity Include 

  • Inflammation reduction and swelling
  • Speeds up recovery process
  • Stress relief
  • Detoxification 
  • Circulation stimulation
  • Muscle relaxation


Targeting Pain Relief 


After an intense workout or other physical activity, many athletes and people in the fitness industry experience sore muscles and cell damage which creates intense pain. Ice baths relieve the pain in the nerves by numbing the nerve endings. The extremely cold water is low in temperature which therefore produces a numbing effect – reducing the feeling of pain in an instant when you immerse your body in an ice bath. The blood vessels also begin to constrict which reduces inflammation -this decreases pain perception. On the contrary, saunas heals the pain and ache more slowly. In the sauna, your blood vessels are relaxed and dilated which stimulates an increase in blood flow – this experience reduces overall the ache in sore muscles and joint pain. 


The Practical And Easy Implementation Of Ice Baths 

Ice baths have the capability of being easily implemented in a variety of different settings.Many sport facilities and training centres provide accessibility to ice baths, making it perfect for an athlete that needs to recover from their intense physical activity. Have a look at the XTREME Portable Ice Bath which provides the ultimate solution to relieve your pain anytime and anywhere. There are several different types of saunas at home, and this is not an easy implementation to the home. Different saunas were made to accommodate a different number of people which affects the size and structure. Please consider the size of the room you will use a sauna in – the height, length and width. The structural conditions may be very complicated as you have to take the electricity supply to ventilation to flooring in consideration. Furthermore, the hot temperature and steam may be not suitable for certain wood! 


Benefits of ice baths: practical and convenient implementation.

Unleash The Benefits Of Ice Baths With Xtreme Ice Baths 


It is clear that ice baths propose a convenient solution for physical recovery after intense fitness and activity. Based on your preferences, you can choose the right recovery solution for you. If you are considering implementing ice baths into your recovery routines, do not hesitate to contact our experts at Xtreme Ice Baths today!