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How does Xtreme compare?

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Xtreme Ice BathsPlus LifeFifth ElementMy Ritual
Warranty Chiller and Tub2 Year on Tub and Chiller1 Year1 Year1 Year on Chiller, 2 year on Tub
Input Power710W?610W710W
Compressor Power605W?480W605W
Cooling Capacity1770W?1450W1770W
Horse Power0.8?0.60.8
Tub Color OptionsBlack and Light GreyLightBlackBlack
Tub LidYes?YesNo
Tub Insulation CoverYes?NoYes
Spare Filters with ChillerYes?YesYes
APP Apple/Android Wifi Remote ControlYesYesYesYes
Free DeliveryYesYesYesYes
PriceHot and Cold $4495Cold Only $4595, Hot and Cold $51955037$4499